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lise michaud.

Translation, Editing & Localization Services
Translating concepts, not just words, is tricky. Nothing beats an experienced translator.


Clear communication, in any language, is essential in making sure that your organization’s message is effective and connects with the right people. 


When you invest in good translation services, you increase your business by: 

  • opening up new markets

  • facilitating business partnerships

  • expanding your market reach and client base  

When you communicate with your existing and prospective clients or partners in their language and in proper written form: 

  • you show them respect

  • you foster good relationships

  • you reinforce your reputation 

  • you increase your visibility

  • you become the "go-to" reference in your field

Benefit from my years of experience and commitment to high standards, and ensure that the right message is conveyed about your company.

about me.

Hello! I’m Lise.


I'm a translator, proofreader and editor based out of Wakefield, Quebec. I help people and companies make the most of their projects by reaching wider audiences through my translation work.


I feel very fortunate that my “job” allows me to do what I love: read, explore, learn, write and work with clients from fascinating fields. From architecture and design, film, television, and entertainment to First Nations governance, social justice and environmental protection, my end goal is always to best reflect my client’s focus, style and target audience.


Lise Michaud Translator Proofreader

With over 18 years of experience in both the private and public sectors, including several as an online business owner in the design world, I've gained a unique set of skills, resources and versatility that I call upon to provide translations tailored to individual clients. 
I thrive on challenge and pushing my boundaries. My passion for lifelong learning has been sustained by a deep curiosity. As a result, I've established great professional relationships with long-term clients because I’m able to evolve alongside the ever-changing environment in which they operate. But more importantly, they know that they can always rely on me to consistently provide high-quality work while also delivering that work in a timely manner, and within their budget.


Do you have a project you’d like to talk with me about?


More than simply changing words, my work is based on a thorough understanding of both the topic and content in order for the translation to be accurate and coherent. Not only do I strive to preserve the meaning, the tone and the linguistic elements of the original text, I also ensure that the translated document, whatever its form, is relevant and engaging to the intended audience.


I provide a careful review of documents for incorrect spelling, typographical and grammatical errors, misplaced punctuation, and missing text, while ensuring consistency of terminology and style. 


I adapt texts, both linguistically and culturally, for dissemination on the Quebec and/or French-Canadian markets. In other words, I make sure your content is culturally sensitive and presented in a language that is genuine and resonates with your target audience.

I adapt technical documentation including instruction manuals and technical sheets, as well as marketing and communication materials such as websites, brochures, press releases and media campaigns. I also provide localization services for multimedia which include video narratives, multimedia presentations, audio transcriptions and subtitles.


We've been relying on Lise Michaud’s translation, proofreading and editing services for several years now. She consistently carries out her work in an efficient and professional manner, regardless of deadlines.
Isabelle Martin
I’ve had the opportunity to call upon Lise Michaud’s expertise a number of times for our different projects. In addition to excelling in her field, she has a keen sense of detail and is remarkably efficient, kind, and professional. Thank you for this great professional relationship, which I hope will continue for many years to come.

Caroline Poitras
Project Manager | Groupe KO, RPI & Véro & Louis Foundation
Lise Michaud has been providing translation services for ONECA for many years. Regardless of the size of the project she has always met our deadlines and provided exceptional service. Lise has been amazing and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for translation services.  Miigwetch Lise  
Roxane Manitowabi
Executive Director | Ontario Native Education Counselling Association
From a great professional meeting, to an affinity that is always evolving.

For all my creative projects, it's reassuring to know that Lise is there, nearby.  
Denis Dulude
dulude design



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